10 Celebrities Who Use Herbalife

Marlene Rice

10 Celebrities Who Use Herbalife

Any tolerable effective weight loss solution must have demonstrable health benefits. Herbalife is one of such unquestionably helpful well-boosting brands with an insurmountable efficacy score. 

While the California-based health supplements manufacturer enjoys a vast worldwide fandom, they're mostly famous for the high-flying supporters behind the firm's glossy track record. And if you somehow doubt whether the mammoth nutrition corporation holds this great corporate clout, continue reading to know 10 celebrities who use Herbalife weight loss shakes. 

Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the universally recognized celebrities who are also well-known consumers of Herbalife's fat loss supplements. The Portuguese soccer demigod is not only a loyal customer but also Herbalife's official brand ambassador in the global athletic/sporting sorority. 

Ronaldo's first multi-year sponsorship deal with the giant US corporation was ratified in 2013, and is set to continue until 2021. In an unprecedented illustrious cadre of his own, the Juventus football luminary shares the nutrition company's commitment toward a healthier and happier world, according to Herbalife CEO Rich Goudis' press statement released in 2018...with the globally celebrated soccer heavyweight smiling and nodding approvingly at his side. 

Maximiliano Rodríguez

Maximiliano Rodriguez ranks similarly high among Herbalife-sponsored sports personalities who use the fat loss company's shakes. Currently playing for Newell's Old Boys, the Argentinian star footballer teams with other athletic champions (all led by Christiano Ronaldo) to steer the firm's fitness brands within the career gaming fraternity. 

An unflinching attacking midfielder and winger enjoys an exceedingly rewarding soccer career in Europe as well as in his native continent. He's one of the best-known supporters of Herbalife Nutrition's body-shaping blends - perhaps only narrowly eclipsed by the slightly more famous Christiano in the contemporary footballing world. 

Mugdha Godse

A universally admired Bollywood thespian, actress Mugdha Godse was recently contracted to spearhead Herbalife's skin-care trademarks in her home country, India. 

The internationally acclaimed screen siren debuted in Madhur Bhandakar's instant hit 'Fashion'...bagging the prestigious Apsara Award as Filmfare's top Female Debutante. She also outshone tough rivals in the Miss India Perfect 10 pageant, staged back in 2004, and came out first at the 2002 version of the model-studded Gladrags Mega Model Hunt. 

It's these enviable modelling showbiz accolades that presented the gorgeous Asian geisha as an ideal brandbuilding shill for Herbalife's skin-titivating formulas. And besides wearing a prestigious tag as a brand publicity ambassador, Godse is a staunch aficionado of Herbalife skin-health products. 

Virat Kohli

One of India's most proficient cricketers, Virat Kohli acts as a prominent Herbalife brand ambassadors in the populous Asian nation. Still in his early twenties, the revered cricketing prodigy is also viewed as a perfect bait for winning young and ambitious professional athletes at home and abroad. 

And he's indeed good at it; openly voicing his unequivocal faith in the  protein shakes manufacturer's innovative fat loss regimens. 

Other Celebs Who've Tried Herbalife Shakes

Flaunting her trademark shipshape figure rather coyly, Towie icon Danielle Armstrong attributes her lithe form to her regular use of Herbalife's fitness shakes. The go-getting celeb parades hot curvaceous pics with her over 1 million Instagram fans...all the while lauding the renowned nutrition manfucturer's skin-revitalizing packages. 

Ms Armstrong apparently positively influenced her fellow showbiz star Ferne McCann to try the widely endorsed supplements as well. The latter brandishes her gorgeously lean contours, too - saying the same meal-replacement formulas helped her leap into her earlier svelte figure after nine months of pregnancy. 

In an unequivocal publicity stunt, McCann encourages members of her worldwide followership to sample Herbalife's wellness boosters for unmistakable positive results. And if her angelically sleek look is anything worth going by, the said beauty enhancers seem to world the magical potency Herbalife's marketing honchos so untiringly talk about.  

In a similar endorsing train, famous model Emma McVey acknowledges to have shed baby pounds 10 days after delivery. The modelling connoisseur's Instagram photos brandish in her bubbly baby son Chester for even finer brand-advertising effect. 

A few months ago, Kerry Katona claimed to have lost around three stones after taking Herbalife weight loss beverages for lunch and breakfast. 

Unforgettable World Cup champion David Beckham is another sworn enthusiast who wore a Herbalife-sponsored shirt in recent field appearances. The unbeatable English football legend functions as the American nutrition company's high-ranking brand popularizers in the United Kingdom. 

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