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The Story of Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes

The Story of Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes

Mark Reynolds Hughes was born in January 1, 1956 and breathed his last in May 21, 2001 - a deservingly feted entrepreneur and astute investor with few equals. He's regarded as one of America's finest businessmen, chiefly revered for his founding Herbalife International and steering it to unprecedented heights of corporate success. That top-tier investment is now an internationally thriving commercial entity with footprints in over 95 countries.

Born in the La Miranda area of the wealthy state of California in the United States of America, Hughes was an ordinary child of humble parentage. His parents Jack Reynolds and Jo Ann Hughes divorced in 1970, when the business-minded youngster was barely 15 years. Owing to the familial turmoil that came with that unfortunate estrangement, little Mark was relegated to the sole custody of his mother.


Why is Yo-yo Dieting Bad for your Health And Weight?

Why is Yo-yo Dieting Bad for your health and Weight?

Yo-yo dieting is a controversial fat loss technique whereby one eats sparingly to lose pounds, relaxes all slimming efforts to regain weight, and then diets again to shed the regained body mass. Also referred to as 'weight cycling', the fitness idea got its tell-tale name from the yo-yo-like process it so typically imitates.

Global stats gathered by some leading health authorities and individual medical researchers show that this often discouraged approach is actually a little more popular among overweight ladies. Recent survey data reveals it enjoyed a popularity score of 30% among women, set against a mere 10% of males who'd tried it at least once at some point in the past.

Losing Weight with Herbalife Protein Shakes Vs 3-Day Fast

Losing Weight with Herbalife Protein Shakes Vs 3-Day Fast

Herbalife weight loss programs are globally recognized for their effectiveness and impressive success rates. These diet plans include highly nutritious bars, energizing teas, and protein shakes.

To easily cut down on one’s calorie intake, the leading nutrition firm has come up with protein-rich supplements that take the place of ordinary meals. They’re designed from soy-oriented components that seek to reduce fat-increasing dietary elements…supplying your body with sufficient nourishment while losing weight at the same time.

Herbalife’s innovatively designed weight loss products have been found to work better than concepts behind most other fitness regimens in the modern world.

The Best Guide to Purchasing Herbalife in Florida

The Best Guide to Purchasing Herbalife in Florida

To be honest, I didn't have any idea about Herbalife until Marlene filled in the gaps.

I'd never really needed to diet or think too much about calories in my younger years. I was either working hard or playing lots of sport. But times change and I noticed I was putting on weight. It wasn't an issue or a big concern but I felt a bit sluggish and just didn't feel quite myself.

I had the good fortune of asking Marlene about Herbalife products and the best approach to combine exercise (without going crazy) and healthy nutrition with the use of Herbalife Protein Shakes, Snacks, and other Products.

But here's the one thing that saved me a lot of time, hassle and mistakes.

The Best Herbalife Distributor in Florida

The Best Herbalife Distributor in Florida

I can hear you saying: ''Those are some bold claims.''

Florida is a big state and lots of people are involved in Herbalife with distributors large and small. Marlene Rice is an Independent Herbalife Distributor living in West Palm Beach for over a decade helping clients of all body shapes achieve their weight loss goals and live a healthier life.

So how is this beautiful lady the best at her role as an advocate for Herbalife?

Well, I am one of her clients. Also, distance is no hurdle for good advice, as I live in the United Kingdom, in a place Called March, a Fenland town, in East Anglia. To get your bearings, it is about 80 miles from London, but rather than the hustle and bustle of city life, this is a farming community in a picturesque Fenland town.

To be fair, I hadn't heard about Herbalife until I met Marlene.

How Important Is It to Drink Water When Dieting?

How Important Is It to Drink Water When Dieting?

There’s an ancient healthy-conscious maxim that says water is life itself, which absolutely true. Staying optimally hydrated is a simple but very prudent health-enhancing lifestyle, for both man and beast. It’s even especially helpful for people on diverse weight reduction regimens – diets and workouts alike.

Extensive scientific inquests consistently prove the fact that having sufficient fluid in the body can markedly enhance diet-based weight loss outcomes. This is why all fitness-boosting products encourage consumers to keep their bodies optimally hydrated.

What Can I Eat on a Herbalife Diet?

It's a doubtless fact that Herbalife Nutrition's novel health products have so far won solid worldwide consumer approval. However, it's not always that easy to determine what to eat and what to avoid as you try any of their top-rated weight loss plans. 

This slight confusion is quite understandable, as nearly all sound fat loss processes often call for substantive lifestyle changes. Failure to know the exact foods to take and the amounts to consume is telling why some people don't realize notable milestones, even with excellent products such as Herbalife's.

Even the world's best fitness programs call for marked lifestyle shifts - with precise lists of recommended food categories. Such regimens may even come with instructions for some specific workouts that should accompany the prescribed culinary choices for greater results.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Herbalife Shakes

For one to lose weight quickly and safely as well, they have to fully understand just how key diet-based fitness mechanisms work. And this is why it’s always advisable to consult qualified medical specialists before embracing any first-trial fat loss techniques.

A bit of professional insight is needed as you try new fitness regimens, for you have to stay perfectly healthy even as you strive to shed excess pounds. Otherwise, anyone can lose excess belly fat by starving themselves rather mercilessly. But that’s not a really prudent way to treat your already delicate, weight-challenged frame.

What is the Herbalife 21-Day Challenge?

The Herbalife 21-Day Challenge

Herbalife nutrition recently partnered with two leading Olympic champions – Nile Wilson and Samantha Clayton – to unveil the Herbalife 21 Day Challenge. This novel move is meant to help go-getting fitness enthusiasts achieve otherwise impossible weight loss goals within 3 weeks.

The whole undertaking is premised on the failsafe wisdom that healthy eating habits must be combined with sound physical exercise for healthier outcomes. It entails taking and not taking certain foods while doing specially selected exercise regimens over a three-week period.

10 Different Herbalife Shakes You Need to Drink

10 Different Herbalife Shakes You Need to Drink

Herbalife Nutrition is an international multi-level marketing company that makes and sells dietary brands, chiefly popular for it’s high-quality weight loss supplements. The giant fitness products corporation was started in 1980 by Mark Hughes, and has well over 8,900 employees presently.

The nutrition firm is incorporated in the Cayman Islands but headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Its vast network covers more than 94 countries, with approximately 4.5 million members and distributors from different countries.

This well-established fitness products designer and vendor offers hundreds of remarkably efficient trademarks, if the thousands of rave reviews it attracts are anything to go by.

Do You Need to Feel Hungry to Lose Weight?

Do You Need to Feel Hungry to Lose Weight?

Losing weight.

I know what you're thinking, don't even talk about it! If you asked most people about losing a few pounds they would tell you it's hard work. Giving up all your favourite foods and worst of all feeling hungry.

We've all had that feeling, hey?

But here's a question: ''Do you need to feel hungry to lose weight?''

It seems par for the course. Somethings got to give. You know you can't carry on eating all those high-calorie foods without no thought of pressing the stop button or even the pause for a day or two. Well, there may be some good news for those interested in losing a kilo or two. Because many fitness coaches state if you are trying to lose weight that hunger should be avoided at all costs

Losing Weight with Herbalife on the Lock Down

Losing Weight in the Lockdown

Let's cut to the chase!

How many of you have lost weight on the lock down? I don't know anyone although there may be a few of you enjoying a bowl of muesli. To be fair, I seemed to be doing well in the first month.

Then, one morning, I noticed I felt a bit rotund. It wasn't so much bursting at the seams or that my jeans felt a bit tight but something had changed. That feeling of a little extra weight and I acknowledged I'd put on a few pounds.

Jumping back on the scales - 200lb.


While in West Palm Beach with my love I regularly enjoyed Herbalife shakes and snacks. My weight went down to 184lbs. I lost 16lb in two weeks!

What Is a Herbalife Shake and Why Is It Good for You?

What Is a Herbalife Shake and Why Is It Good for You?

Herbalife is a multilevel marketing enterprise, and their excellent health products can only be bought through one of the company's independent distributors. Interested buyers should connect with one of their hundreds of famously friendly distributors by visiting the main website or other personalized channels if they’re already acquainted with specific certified retailers.

Once you’ve decided to try any of Herbalife's diverse nutrition products, the very first step involves choosing a particular weight loss program that suits your fitness goals. The company has three distinct weight loss programs or packages.

The Quickstart Program

The first of these three categories is the Quickstart Program. And it includes a few meal replacement products in shake form, tea drinks packaged as nutritional powders, multivitamins and minerals shakes, and lastly, various supplements with metabolism-enhancing qualities.

Is Herbalife a Scam?

Established in 1980 by savvy entrepreneur Mark Hughes, it boasts well over 3 million distribution agents based in more than 90 countries. Each of these trusted sales agents is supposed to recruit and train other distributors to operate as further sales contacts under them…creating the typically ever-expanding affiliate marketing chain.

Actually, the renowned fat loss products developer and vendor commands a vast social media following, basking in notable endorsements from sports big names like LA Galaxy, Ospreys, and the celebrated soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Nevertheless, many punters in the health products forte still question the very authenticity/effectiveness of the world-famous nutrition firm’s newfangled dietary regimens. All such misgivings must be accepted as a rather hardwired twist in human nature…especially in a super-competitive corporate age awash with countless scams across all industries.

As such, just to somehow allay most of your doubts and fears, this brief fact-based review answers the very understandable question hinted above – “Is Herbalife a Scam?”


Marlene Rice is the founder of Palm Beach Coach. When she’s not serving her clients, she loves to travel. She calls West Palm Beach, Florida her home.

To get more information and about Herbalife products and expert advice email or call: 561-932-2938