Does Eating Healthy Extend Your Life?

Marlene Rice

Does Healthy Eating Extend Your Life?

The reasonably disputatious question whether eating a balanced diet may lengthen one’s days continues to trigger varied responses from diverse quarters. And to reach a conclusive answer, we only need to note the key fact that it’s taking foods drawn from different nutrients categories that provides us with all-around health.

While human lifespan is generally determined by divine factors beyond mortal kin, we’ve witnessed many premature deaths that could have been averted with better eating habits. We’ve similarly seen pretty avoidable issues like obesity claim otherwise young lives that might have been preserved by pursuing healthier lifestyles.

Although going for the most nourishing foods isn’t a surefire guarantee that we'll live to 90 or 100, it’s a failsafe move to keep diseases and malnutrition-related problems at bay. And what’s not true in saying that healthy dieting trends do greatly foster longevity?

Below are a few insightful tips on how nutrient-rich, calorie-conscious eating habits may effectively extend our days on earth. Continue reading to discover some experts-recommended culinary tips for better health and longevity.

What We Eat Can Either Nourish Or Destroy Us

Going by documented scientific facts, it’s no secret that whatever we eat can either nourish us or prove ultimately detrimental in the end. Processed foods have been found likely to occasion obesity and its attendant complications such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, constricted blood vessels, or hypertension.

There also certain dietary ingredients widely known for tolerable satiety levels, and which happen to be a lot healthier than we previously knew. These pretty energizing menus devoid of adverse implications are exactly what we should take for a longer healthier life, perpetually keeping notorious diet-linked deficiencies an extra bite away.

Nutritionists unanimously endorse plant-based diets over synthetic foods and those made from animal products. Below are some widely recommended organic culinary choices for perfect nourishment and sure longevity.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are commonly associated with tiptop nourishment and robust health. Besides having hormone-modifying benefits, these greens help detoxify the body, too – curbing possible proliferation of cancerous cells.

Greens should be eaten chopped or shredded/juiced so as to properly bring out their signature antioxidant qualities. Advanced research credits certain veggies with the astonishing ability to cushion blood vessels' walls against inflammatory signaling.

Inflammatory signals on the winding walls of veins and capillaries may cause cardiovascular problems. Common examples of these health-boosting veggies options include staples like broccoli, cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts.

Nutrient-Dense Nuts

Nuts are a well-known source of fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, minerals, phytosterols, plus other vital elements. Nutritionists recommend nuts for their low-glycemic tag, which fronts them as a particularly healthful choice for diabetics and hypertension patients.

Their rather hefty caloric density notwithstanding, nuts are associated with less weight. Overweight people can thus use them for a quicker and less painful fat loss experience.

This amazing organic ingredient also help keep risks of heart disease significantly lower.

Low-calorie Grains/Edible Seeds

Low-calorie grains and edible seeds have astounding properties only comparable to those of high-nutrient nuts. They even provide larger quantities of protein and rare trace minerals.

The two are packed with healthful fats, antioxidants, minerals, among other uncommon body-fortifying compounds. Some like chia, flax and hemp seeds contain impressive amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

Others like sesame and pumpkin seeds have profound chemical potencies to ward off grave health dangers such as breast cancer, chiefly attributable to its high levels of vitamin E, calcium, and zinc. These health-enhancing seeds can be eaten raw or roasted a little for greater palatability.


Appearing in the form of small crisp arils that are juicy and tasteful, pomegranate is a famous longevity-promoting fruit of worldwide availability. Punicalagin is the main phytochemical in this tart- and sweet-flavored fruit – providing rare antioxidants uniquely associated with the pomegranate juice.

Its unique phytochemicals confer anti-cancer boosts and improve brain activity at the same time. Clinical studies found that the antioxidants-rich had noteworthy memory-boosting effects on randomly picked middle-aged adults.

Other Longevity-promoting Foods

There are many other longevity-promoting foods with notable body-revitalizing qualities similar to the ones mentioned above. These are not really fancy elements that are unavailable to the common eater in typical middle-class environments.

Ordinary beans and other similar legumes are great life-prolonging culinary ingredients. They also act as appetite suppressant for serious dieters and natural blood sugar stabilizers that protect us against colon cancer.

Further, a regular bite of mushrooms may significantly lower risks of breast cancer. This awesome dietary treat contains aromatase inhibitors – powerful compounds with positive estrogen-regulating benefits.

If you’re not in the humor for a mushroom-topped snack, you may go for garlic- or onion-spiced alternatives. The two are members of the allium family comprising many edible bulbs…powerful protectors against heart disease, weakened immunity and cell malignancy.

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