Herbalife Distributors Who Have Made Their Fortune Selling Shakes

Marlene Rice

Herbalife Distributors Who Have Made Their Fortune Selling Shakes

All commodities or money-making opportunities will attract positive and negative consumer attitudes alike, their great advantages (or lack of them) notwithstanding. Herbalife's excellent meal-replacement shakes and lucrative multilevel marketing business have had their fair share of bright and dim consumer reviews. 

But a genuinely fine product will easily silence undeserved criticisms and finally triumph over all naysaying voices. And his, in a nutshell, describes Herbalife's indefatigable knack to trounce uninspiring forces, to emerge as one of the modern world's finest weight loss products. 

Besides winning worldwide recognition for their top-notch health-enhancing brands, the universally reputable nutrition firm's business model has succeeded to mint thousands of self-made millionaires from across the globe. To debug any still-circulating myths and outright lies that the fitness supplements company is a sheer pyramid scheme, below are some colorful successfully stories of Herbalife distributors who have made their fortune selling shakes.

Dan Waldron

A 30-year sales doyen from Dallas, Dan Waldron is a perfect epitome of a truly hard work-made millionaire. He began as a totally clueless rookie - at the lowest distribution ranks - gradually scaling the tortuous ladder, till he ultimately became one of the thriving multinational's top distributors. 

Apart from buying ever-expanding volumes of weight-loss merchandise, Dan also recruited many other first-time distribution agents...thus earning a steadily growing income from both business opportunities with impressive balance. 

Dan Waldron has been with Herbalife since 1982 and fosters executive ties with wealthy businesses that promote Herbalife brands. Such Waldron-linked blue chips include ubiquitous names such as Waldron Marketing, Latino Marketing, and Taylor Marketing.

The adroit marketing guru was making a mere $500 a few months after enrolling as a lowranking salesman. The second year with the Los Angeles-based corporation saw him leap slightly higher - taking home a neater pay of around $1,000 per month.

Waldron's monthly income rose rather meteorically, and he was drawing a five-digit salary not many years later...indisputable testimony illustrating how pretty everyone else can work a bit harder  and subsequently soar from the proverbial grass to literal golden grace.  

Enrique Varela and Graciela Mier

These two Mexicans encountered almost insurmountable hurdles founding distributorship hubs and clubs in their home country. They nevertheless had the rare knack to  turn obstacles into stepping stones  in a short time. And they personally attribute their trailblazing entrepreneurial prosperity to their selfless willingness to help others. 

Both Enrique Varela and Graciela Mier are professors who've coined an unbelievably vast fortune as Herbalife distribution team leaders. Enrique operates as the overall business executive at their distribution offices in Mexico, and senior lecturer at Monterrey Institute of Technology. 

Graciela discharges extra professorial duties at Autonomous University of Zacatecas, as well as University of Queretaro. Despite wielding covetable scholarly advantages, it's their exceedingly fruitful Herbalife distributorships and thriving MLM clubs that brought them the elusive independence they couldn't achieve before. 

Carol Hannah & Alan Lorenz

Prior to getting actively engaged in Herbalife marketing activities, Alan Lorenz was a mildly successful divorce attorney based in Toronto, Canada. The broad-thinking couple eventually abandoned all else to wholly concentrate on serious careers as the California-based international firm's full-time salespersons. 

Though it would sound like an obvious blunder to trash such modestly lucrative professional comforts, the two became instant team leaders with the multinational nutrition company...flying through multiple ranks to clinch prestigious slots among top earners of the year. 

Alan and Carol Lorenz recently won exceptional accolades as the 4th best distribution agents in their country, emerging 19th in the entire world at the same time. 

You cannot talk about typically self-made tycoons - proud products solely grateful to their very own tireless sweat - without remembering this immensely inspiring couple. They actually hold motivational shows and conferences and seminars, tutoring mostly young minds yearning to become the equally sharp architects of their own financial destiny.

Geri Cvitanovich

Geri Cvitanovich was an ordinary schoolteacher before joining Herbalife as a complete neophyte in the long multilevel marketing chain. She's nostalgically remembered as a founding member in the early 1980s pioneering club forged by unrivalled Mark Hughes himself. 

Her initial enthusiasm wasn't that great in the opening months...but, as that ingenuous founder kept on enthusing his unbending investment ideologies upon his colleagues within his then very lean investment circle, Geri at length grew increasingly more interested in the whole thing. The rest is a success-decorated history of this once lackluster 'also-run' fondly known as "The Queen of Herbalife". 

Other Opulent Herbalife Millionaires 

It's quite encouraging to note the fact that 13 out of 2018 list of the world's top 400 MLM earners came from Herbalife. As a result, the real Herculean task of choosing the few if their millionaires to mention in this brief article is an indeed impenetrable challenge. 

Certain conspicuous names should tumble into the writer's mind way faster than the rest, though...such as John Paterson and Susan Paterson, who command lots of worldwide regard for their uncommon meteoric rise from olden rags to golden riches. The legendarily hardworking duo worked in tandem with the founding magnate Mark Hughes in the fledgling 1980s.

Other similarly prosperous champions who were part of the fortune-minting inaugural club include Leon Waisbein and James Chen. And you'll quickly note the subtle fact that each of the few corporate mavens mentioned herein wields a telling pair of formidable traits: terrific leadership and boundless optimism.  

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