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Let's keep in simple. In many respects that is the best approach to weight-loss, health and fitness.

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3-Day Trial Pack

The best way to start your weight-loss journey is by taking that first step to a fitter, healthier you. For that reason, we suggest clients try the 3-Day Trial Pack.

It's a great way to see if you like the product.

Very affordable.

See results.

And ask any questions regarding the products, meal planners, and exercise.

Herbalife 3-Day Trial

Your 3-Day Starter Pack includes:

Provides six meal replacements and six servings of Instant Herbal Beverage

Contains 6 x Formula 1 Sachets

Flavour choice: 3 x vanilla and 3 x cookies & cream

Product Facts

Formula 1 Herbalife nutrition shake:

The most common product by the company and comes in different types of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, wild berry, banana caramel, and others. The ingredients available in the product are soy protein isolate, casein, soy lecithin, casein, and hydrogenated oils. According to Herbalife nutrition facts these shakes contain low calories and 9 grams protein which usually make people feel full longer thus enhance weight loss.

It contains 15g protein, 110 calories, 5g carbohydrates, 3 g fats, and 1 g sugars.