How Important Is It to Drink Water When Dieting?

Marlene Rice

How Important Is It to Drink Water When Dieting?

There’s an ancient healthy-conscious maxim that says water is life itself, which absolutely true. Staying optimally hydrated is a simple but very prudent health-enhancing lifestyle, for both man and beast. It’s even especially helpful for people on diverse weight reduction regimens – diets and workouts alike.

Extensive scientific inquests consistently prove the fact that having sufficient fluid in the body can markedly enhance diet-based weight loss outcomes. This is why all fitness-boosting products encourage consumers to keep their bodies optimally hydrated.

Despite its immense health benefits, drinking sufficient water isn’t taken very seriously, according to several reasonably worrying research findings. A recent landmark study carried out in the United States found that water was the second most frequently consumed beverage, clearly eclipsed by other singularly unhealthy, sugar-laced drinks.

Several other equally disturbing statistical proofs still corroborate the dismal fact that not many dieters observe proper hydration as a vital fitness-enhancing habit. Such telltale stats collectively confirm that comparatively few appreciate the critical role plays in all sound weight reduction processes. For further health tips and insights, provided below are some simple points that briefly explain how important it is to drink water when dieting.

Water Has Significant Slimming Benefits

Not many people seem to appreciate the scientifically proven truth that water has significant weight loss benefits. Various health studies have confirmed that having sufficient amounts of water in the body boosts critical metabolic function. This in turn accelerates the rate at which the whole system burns fat, usually through a myriad of fairly complex natural mechanisms.

While we may embrace distinctly varied fat loss methodologies, the core mechanisms through which we eradicate shed excess pounds rely on fundamentally similar physiological functions. This means there’s actually very little fat loss taking place if the overall metabolic efficiency is low due to low fluid levels.

It’s thus demonstrably clear that drinking lots of water helps step up metabolism, which accordingly accelerates the whole cholesterol-burning process. Having a frequent glass of this metabolism-improving drink avails unquestionable weight reduction advantages.

Those pursuing various diet plans may thus boost overall results by combining supplement intakes with consistent sips throughout the prescribed durations. Keen dieters are often urged to drink about 16 ounces some minutes to main meals, which translates to about 500 milliliters.

Less Stomach Upsets

Altered eating patterns may elicit mild stomach upsets as the system naturally respond to the resultant physiological effects. That’s why many people embarking on novel dieting programs may report mild stomach upsets such as constipation.

Taking enough water will however help regulate digestive activity and thus effectively eliminate most of these probable upsets. For those experiencing worse than slight gastrointestinal disorders with first-trial dieting options, taking moderately carbonated water can somehow eliminate all such discomforts.

Nevertheless, it’s not advisable to go for the same carbonated options once the disorders have abated, or with no palpable digestive issues. Wholly unadulterated water in its natural form confers greater health benefits than medicated options, which might actually carry potentially unhealthy chemical ingredients.

Water Is a Natural Appetite Suppressant

Taking a glass or two within dieting cycles can also lend one better control over their overall calorie intake. Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant, especially if taken roughly an hour before main meals.

Thorough medical research outcomes emphatically endorse water's natural capacity to lower appetite…chiefly evident in middle-aged and adult dieters. Incidentally, these benefits appear to wane notably among adolescents and most young adults between 18 and 30 years.

Further clinical surveys have even more specifically confirmed that such before-main-meal sips could improve fat loss results by up 2 kilograms over a12-week duration, if taken in the prescribed manner.

Separate health studies also discovered that dieting enthusiasts who combined supplements with taking water toward meals realized 44% better outcomes. The relatively comprehensive study involved young adults of between 35 and 40 years, plus a little older others ranging from 41 and 50 years.

Similar independent surveys conducted among slimming candidates of about the same age brackets proved that dieting individuals between early adulthood and 55 years lost about 13% more weight by drinking a few consistent glasses daily, shortly before breakfast.

While the foregoing observations involved middle-aged subjects, a similar trend would apply to even slightly younger individuals. Relying on even the most basic reasoning, fluids occupy belly space better, with almost insignificant calorie intake increase.

That’s precisely how drinking lots of water does it – it makes one feel full prior to eating, reducing food cravings exactly before the most tempting hour. As a result, dieters of all ages are advised to make full use of water's natural capacity to bolster the overall effectiveness of various diet-oriented weight loss products.

Less Diet-Related Hangovers/Mood Swings

Drink sufficient water can also notably improve the entire diet-based weight loss experience. Advanced medical studies have variously established a telling correlation between healthy hydration levels and less diet-triggered hangovers(mood swings).

The simple concept at work here revolves around water's ability to flush out toxins lodged in various spots throughout the body. For instance, proper hydration boosts basic kidney functions – like eliminating toxic residues such as urea.

A quick glimpse into the other water-related benefits highlighted above, we may glean more hints why these life-giving sips do positively alter our moods. Enhanced metabolism and more efficient digestive processes seem to play a key role in the whole mood-lightening equation.

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