Losing Weight with Herbalife on the Lock Down

Marlene Rice

Losing Weight with Herbalife on the Lock Down

Let's cut to the chase!

How many of you have lost weight on the lock down? I don't know of anyone although there may be a few of you enjoying your bowl of muesli.

To be fair, I seemed to be doing well for the first month. Then, one morning, I noticed I felt a little bit rotund. It wasn't so much bursting at the seams or that my jeans felt too tight but something had changed. That feeling of a little extra weight and I acknowledged I'd put on a few pounds.

Jumping on the scales - 200lbs.


While in West Palm Beach with my love I regularly enjoyed Herbalife shakes and snacks. My weight went down to 184. Considering I lost 16lb in two weeks that's pretty good going.

It proved to me one thing - Herbalife works. In fact, it was easier than I thought. Just one shake in the morning, another in the afternoon, and a main meal in the evening (drinking water throughout the day). You can also have a couple of little snacks - I chose the Herbalife protein bars.

Until I met Marlene I had never really thought about weight loss products. I have always been fit and healthy through work or sport. I guess I'm like most people, as I get older (I'm now 50) that I find I am a little less active than I used to be and this lockdown has proven a real thorn in my side.

As I live in the UK, we have been allowed out for one daily exercise session. I go for a walk or a bike ride. Normally, I would be swimming but all the gyms and swimming pools have closed and not sure when they are going to open. So I've noticed the pounds if not piling on, creeping up.

So, Marlene is going to sort me out an order so I can get back to my best, lose about 14lbs, and start to feel a little healthier in these challenging times of Coronavirus and battling the bulge.

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Marlene Rice is the founder of Palm Beach Coach. When she’s not serving her clients, she loves to travel. She calls West Palm Beach, Florida her home.

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