Starting a New Exercise Regimen at 50

Marlene Rice

Starting a New Exercise Regimen at 50

Exercising is an excellent fitness-enhancing pastime that greatly benefits everyone, regardless of their age or gender. And so it’s never too late to embrace this healthy activity – even if you’re just turning fifty the other day.

What varies across different age brackets are not the health advantages of performing body training workouts but their overall nature and intensity. A vastly health-boosting aerobic regimen for a thirty-something-year-old exerciser may not be as helpful for another in their sixties, for example.

Moreover, gender does significantly influence the sort of workouts one should do for optimal weight loss results. This means there are particularly recommendable body-training routines with distinct advantages for both men and women

Detailed below are some great tips to help you choose the best workouts for retirement-age fitness buffs. Continue reading to acquire a few excellent ideas for starting a new exercise regimen at 50.

Sufficient Motivation

Regular exercising can be a pretty excruciating venture if you’re not sufficiently motivated. Those trying new aerobic regimens at fifty should thus find sound reasons to embark on fresh exercise programs.

You’ll soon give up unless you find solid motivations to carry out such inevitably hectic physical activities. The main impetus for exploring first-time aerobic moves might be your doctor’s latest advise to trim down a little…or, you’re probably looking for a novel source of extra energy to keep up with your bubbly grandchildren.

Establishing the principal reason you’re embracing a more active lifestyle helps you stay focused. Otherwise, it will morph into an entirely hassle-free, less draining thing after a month or so.

Set Clear Goals

You should also come up with a set of goals when starting a new exercise regimen at 50. Without such crystal-clear objectives, you will not be able to remain sufficiently focused, as you lack a perfect picture of precisely what you’d wish to achieve.

If you’re exercising for weight loss purposes, it’s advisable to start by measuring your current weight and estimating how many kilos to be lost after various specific periods of time. For instance, you may aim to shed at about 7 pounds every week.

These periodically monitored targets act as powerful motivators to cheer you up whenever you’re tempted to skip workouts. Setting distinct goals to be attained within pre-specified timelines steadily bolsters your zeal until you achieve all your envisaged milestones.

Start Small

To go far with any new fitness schedule at 50 or beyond, you have to start small - and rather slowly, too. Your body requires lots of patience and time to gradually accustom itself to first-ever body training regimens.

It’s similarly advisable to begin with rather simple, low-intensity workouts. These should confer the requisite fitness improvements and stamina without overstraining your bones and joints.

The internet offers illustrious examples of especially light-intensity exercises that fifty-year-olds may try largely unaided, and within the comfort of their homes. You may talk to professional fitness consultants for more customized exercising tips and guidelines.

Variety of Workouts

Workout enthusiasts in the fifties or sixties should shun monotonous exercise activities. It’s a lot healthier to try a rather vast variety of aerobics that train key body parts such as the limbs and upper muscles.

Diversity not only makes the whole thing a lot less excruciating but also guarantees holistic body-shaping and strength-training benefits. Feel free to experiment with numerous options, then settle for whatever works best for your individual fitness circumstances.

Be sure not to force anything that doesn’t quite endurably appeal to your peculiar milestones…any somewhat self-forced physical exertions won’t make it as fun and pleasurable as it always ought to be.

Weight management experts encourage both aged and ageing exercisers to focus on core aspects such as strength training, balance training and cardiovascular training. This doesn’t however imply that you must embark on all of these at once.

Adults with exercise-hindering health issues can liaise with their physicians for extra precautionary guidelines. They may be advised to start with the lightest alternatives, and then keep slightly moving on to more elaborate ones as their bodies get used to it.

Little Need for Newfangled Equipment

New workout regimens for exercisers at 50 or slightly more don’t necessarily require particularly newfangled equipment. They may go for simple body training choices to stay active and within healthy weight brackets.

These simple exercise options include everyday activities like walking your pets, gardening, playing exciting games with your jumpy grandkids, biking, or a little hiking. The overall aim is to do decidedly less draining things that avail significant health benefits.

Don’t worry if you can’t access highly advanced gym paraphernalia, unless you’re trying anything that’s uniquely dependent on such newfangled stuff. All you need to do is ensure your routines entail a tolerable deal of strength-building and flexibility-enhancing aerobic activities.

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