The Best Herbalife Distributor in Florida

Marlene Rice

The Best Herbalife Distributor in Florida

I can hear you saying: ''Those are some bold claims.''

Florida is a big state and lots of people are involved in Herbalife with distributors large and small. Marlene Rice is an Independent Herbalife Distributor living in West Palm Beach for over a decade helping clients of all body shapes achieve their weight loss goals and live a healthier life.

So how is this beautiful lady the best at her role as an advocate for Herbalife?

Well, I am one of her clients. Also, distance is no hurdle for good advice, as I live in the United Kingdom, in a place Called March, a Fenland town, in East Anglia. To get your bearings, it is about 80 miles from London, but rather than the hustle and bustle of city life, this is a farming community in a picturesque Fenland town.

To be fair, I hadn't heard about Herbalife until I met Marlene. In fact, I hadn't really thought much about my body weight. However, creeping into middle age (and a few more years) I just found I wasn't doing as much exercise as I did in my younger days. I enjoy swimming, riding my mountain bike (in one of the flattest locations on the planet) and my weight was definitely going up rather than down. I thought it was time to do something and Marlene and Herbalife were a perfect motivation.

I had zero understanding of what I was doing or how to start with Herbalife. Marlene detailed A, B, C... and the next thing I was ready to start. I had a protein shake in the morning, one later in the evening, and in between a healthy meal (chicken or fish with salad or vegetables) and a couple of snacks with plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Within the week I had lost 7lbs.

I have continued using Herbalife products as and when needed. You can use it to stabilise your weight or simply lose a few extra pounds. However, there is a lot more to the Herbalife product range than simply weight loss. I was surprised by their range including vitamins, teas, and skin-care products.

There is literally something for everyone of all ages.

So is Marlene the best Herbalife Distributor in West Palm Beach if not the whole of Florida?

Well, that is very much a subjective thing because I am sure you may know your Herbalife Distributor in Florida and say: ''Wait a minute, mine is numero uno.''

Marlene has helped me achieve my goals and keeps me on track if I have a blip here and there. You know what it's like walking past those doughnut stands!

If you need information about Herbalife, meal plans, exercise routines or just want to find out the latest news then feel free to give her a call.

She is, to me and many of her happy clients, the best Herbalife Distributor in Florida if not the whole world.

Thank you, Marlene.

Guest post: Jason Coote


Marlene Rice is the founder of Palm Beach Coach. When she’s not serving her clients, she loves to travel. She calls West Palm Beach, Florida her home.

To get more information and about Herbalife products and expert advice email or call: 561-932-2938