What is the Herbalife 21 Day Challenge?

Marlene Rice

What is the Herbalife 21 Day Challenge?

Herbalife nutrition recently partnered with two leading Olympic champions – Nile Wilson and Samantha Clayton – to unveil the Herbalife 21 Day Challenge. This novel move is meant to help go-getting fitness enthusiasts achieve otherwise impossible weight loss goals within 3 weeks.

The whole undertaking is premised on the failsafe wisdom that healthy eating habits must be combined with sound physical exercise for healthier outcomes. It entails taking and not taking certain foods while doing specially selected exercise regimens over a three-week period.

The recommended workout programs involved in this exciting three-week venture are quite easy to undertake. They’re ordinarily packaged in easy-to-follow video clips and involve no particularly advanced fitness paraphernalia.

Since the needed physical training accessories aren’t that sophisticated, all participating members will be able to do them within the comfort of their homes…during their own free hours, and without any need for professional assistance.

The highly innovative weight loss program also comes with precise nutrition guidelines, telling members what to eat and what to avoid. It also offers specific instructions on exactly how the proposed fitness-boosting menus ought to be embraced, from the very first to the 21st day.

The core aim of this rigorous weight loss venture is to shed weight and maintain tiptop health at the same time. Thus, top energy-spiking dietary choices dominate the list of the international challenge's core culinary selections.

And as its name implies, the noble initiative takes a total of 21 days to complete. Striking a perfect balance between effective exercising and sound nutrition, participants are given clear prescriptions on the distinct dietary and physical training options for each of the 21 fitness-conscious days.

Members are briefed about specific dietary and workout stipulations for the challenge soon after paying for the program. They’re given access to the event's rich library, packed with unique essentials for very single day. In the same resource store will be found painstakingly picked nutritional products and instructions on how they’re to be used.

Herbalife appreciates the fact that healthy eating trends are a must for a fast and painless fat loss experience.

Every monthly version comes with three distinct nutrition packages for optimal energy boosts and maximum nourishment. These three include Herbalife’s Ideal Breakfast, the Healthy Weight Loss pack, and the instantly energizing Sport & Fitness formula.

Contesting individuals are allowed to pick one of the three packages based on specific individual tastes or goals. They’re further supposed to take either one or two well-balanced shake options per day, over the whole course of the international event.

Similarly, there are two exercise programs for participating members to choose the one they feel more comfortable with. The easier of the two workout options is known as the Beginner Program, spearheaded by Samantha Clayton and the more elaborate choice by the go-getting Nile Wilson.

Unlike Samantha’s ‘softer' package that will prove quite suitable for novices, Wilson’s Fit to Fitter alternative is apparently designed for seasoned experienced fitness nerds. And if you happen to be a complete rookie trying this incredible experience for the very first time, you’ve absolutely no good reason to panic.

Wholly clueless beginners who're unable to settle on the right nutritional or exercise plans on their own should contact Herbalife’s customer support on the main website…or simply talk to any of their 3 million-plus independent distributors for further guidance on how to do the selections.

To enroll for this exhilarating challenge, one should start by purchasing the Herbalife 21 Day Challenge package itself. Their experienced coaches will then get in touch with them shortly after purchase, in order to discuss more about their personal wellness needs plus individual expectations.

After talking to you regarding the unique milestones you intend to achieve after the brief session, those trainers will take you to the online workout library. They’ll help you to not only understand how various fitness tools help you lose weight safely and effectively but also you familiarize with your chosen packages' details.

You’re encouraged to ask these coaches everything you’d wish to know about any of the prescribed nutrition or exercise regimens. They exist to answer all your questions and offer expert advice throughout the short course of the thrilling wellness challenge.

All past editions have proven immensely successful, if the tens of thousands of rave reviews posted on diverse web platforms are anything to go by. It seems both outright neophytes and finessed fitness geeks concur on the obvious benefits associated with the Herbalife 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

The fact that various contestants end up with vastly varied levels of success is perhaps the only noteworthy peculiarity with this awesome fat loss experiment. But that’s oh so fair – letting everyone reap exactly as much as they sowed!

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