Which Exercise Regimens Are Best for the Over 70s?

Marlene Rice

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There are no exclusive fitness stipulations for septuagenarians, since most wellness-boosting exercises remain essentially the same for people of all age brackets. We’re always growing older every new day, and none of us can claim any stagnant digits as their permanent age.

All the same, a bit of age-specific prudence is needed to guide regular exercisers in their sunset years. Although we’ve said basic fitness-improving activities remain fundamentally similar regardless of age, they actually vary rather vastly from teenage to retirement.

Again, older exercisers are far more susceptible to immobilizing health issues which can make particularly kinky moves way unendurable. Such hindrances ultimately create the critical need for unique prescriptions for post-retirement workouts.

Provided herein are a few useful points to help you determine the most suitable aerobics for seniors. Read further to glean some expert tips and ideas on choosing the best exercise regimens for the over 70s.

Personal Interests & Routines

To go far with routine fitness regimens after your 70th birthday, it’s advisable to engage in exercises that mirror your personal interests. This makes your sessions a little easier and a lot less excruciating.

Choosing aerobics that suit your daily routines simplifies the entire fitness enhancement affair. If your everyday schedules entail delivering dairy products in the morning and collecting cash later in the evening, cycling could be the ideal fitness activity for you

A septuagenarian who owns a pub may try dancing within their commercial space as a wellness-boosting therapy. The very presence of like-minded patrons of the same age group might present priceless motivation and company…group jigs are hardly boring stuff.

While the above-mentioned activities may sound too ordinary, consistency will certainly make them greatly advantageous to your health in the long run. The only important requirement is to come up with a daily exercising routine and stick to it.

You Needn’t Strain or Sweat in the Gym

Seniors over 70 years needn’t strain or sweat profusely in the gym, all in the name of trying physically fitter. Everyday activities that seem otherwise commonplace are indeed the surest bet.

Ageing exercisers' mustn’t indulge in characteristically strenuous theatrics since they’re not really out to outdo Schwarzenegger's trademark biceps…keeping passably fit and healthy is their only goal.

Loaded food cans and drink bottles make for sufficiently engaging hand lifts for laterally raising and curling their senile biceps. Sitting on the chair cushion in diverse postures will exercise their glutes and core, for instance.

A few trips up and down the staircase will adequately work out their leg muscles. Cardiovascular health will also improve incredibly with simple activities like walking up and down the stairs.

Consistency is what really matters. These otherwise mundane undertakings will certainly avail awesome results if appropriately done routinely.

Resistance-Training Exercises

Resistance-training regimens are profoundly beneficial to the over 70s. They offer a plethora of wellness-bolstering advantages to aged and ageing exercisers.

They’ll favorably stimulate the osteoblast cells and thus improve bone health after few months of consistent workouts. Senior citizens' predictably lean muscle mass also increases markedly with such exercises…countering the muscular attenuation commonly associated with senility and its attendant anatomical atrophies.

Metabolism gets an equal boost, too – alleviating age-triggered plummeting of metabolic function common in older adults. Cardiovascular functions and epidermal cells enjoy simultaneous improvements, ensuring a tiptop heart health and a luscious, glowing skin.

Great examples of great resistance-training aerobics include squats and lunges. The two aren’t too physically demanding for over-70s battling mobility-hindering conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.


Calisthenics also help seniors stay fit and healthy, despite the obvious downsides typically associated with advanced age. This crucial workout category includes regimens that entail participation of multiple body parts.

As some of the best examples of strength-training regimens, they’re great for bolstering stamina and balance alike. Simple calisthenics that the average septuagenarian can try at home and on their own include push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges.

These revitalizing moves get your entire system thoroughly stimulated – burning surplus fat while strengthening core muscles within the same stretch. Their actual intensities will depend on personal routines, commitment levels, health status, among other largely liberal preferences.

Professional Guidance/Expert Insights

All particularly technical exercise regimens for over-70s may require a little professional guidance or expert insights. This is especially highly advisable for seniors facing mildly incapacitating conditions or advanced medical issues.

Even for those who feel somehow energetic enough – with a virtually spotless health history – consulting medical specialists remains a prudent precautionary step. Just tell them what you’re up to, and keenly adhere to whatever specific insights they prescribe.

Professional advice provides clear instructions on how to prevent possible exacerbation of any pre-diagnosed health problems. It also gives you a far better understanding of the personally preferred workouts you’re about to try.

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