Why Start Your Day With a Wellness Juice Shot?

Marlene Rice

Why Start Your Day With a Wellness Juice Shot?

Unlike Marlene, I'm new to all-things healthy.

Talk to me about Wellness Juice Shots - I know zilch.

However, when I want to learn something, I go into warp speed. It's like Dr Spock meets health nutritionist with a Nutribullet.

I'm sure that's a volatile mix.

You may have heard about wellness shots. You may well have tried a few flavours. Perhaps you're guzzling them down like no ones business.

My introduction was somewhat different.

Watching the Discovery Channel, I literally ''discovered'' Undercover Billionaire. I love the motivation of someone set a challenge which they battle with enthusiasm, experience, marketing & hope.

It sounds like I'm making my own wellness juice shot.

A Unicorn Shot, topped with magic sprinkles.

A lady named Monique Idlett, who later I learned is CEO of Reign Venture Capital, is an entertainment pioneer.

In this program, she was located in Tacoma, a city in Washington in the United States of America. I love her influence to make things happen. She endeavoured to build a million dollar business from scratch and improve the livelihood of those who invested in her dream and benefit the community.

One of the things she sold were wellness shots. She detailed how they had helped transform her health, especially the use of turmeric for inflammation.

Take a shot a day and it works wonders.

To be honest, the way I feel each morning, I should probably take two.

Monique, with the help of lots of good people from the city, started her health business.

As she says business is about: the what, the why & the how.

She started a juice business, to sell her wellness shots because they were bought in from California.

Crazy, hey.

Anyway, after waving her magical marketing wand she helped make a million dollar business starting with $100.

The American Dream is still alive.

So what is a wellness shot?

It's a simple concept: a mixture of fruit, herbs and spices designed for health benefits. Just think what flavours you could make. There must be a billion combinations.

Now, after a little bit of research, I've learned that wellness shots are far from a new idea. In fact, they have been used for centuries.

Basically, they are used to help weight loss and boost your immune system.

I'm sure we can all do with both.

The whole concept is just as much about a positive mindset. Just taking your wellness shot in the morning is the same as jumping out of bed and doing one-hundred push-ups.

It boosts your body and mind.

Here are a few flavours you might like to buy or make yourself. It's fun doing it yourself, it makes the whole experience more meaningful, and you can guarantee no hidden artificial sweeteners, as they aren't good for your health.

These recipes make two shots and just 5-minutes prep and 5-minutes to make.

Lemon Ginger -

1-inch length piece of fresh ginger, scrubbed clean

1 large lemon

Carrot Ginger -

1-inch length piece of fresh ginger, scrubbed clean

1-medium carrot, scrubbed clean

1 large lemon

Green Apple Ginger -

1-inch length piece of fresh ginger, scrubbed clean

1/2 small cup of apple, seeds removed

1 cup packed spinach leaves

1 large lemon

Very small pinch of cayenne pepper, optional

Directions -

Chop everything to go through a juicer. Cut away the lemon skin of lemon leaving the white, cut into slices and remove the seeds.

Make Your Shots -

Put everything through the juicer. Divide the juice between glasses and drink the shot. Best to do this quickly as the ginger will be spicy.

If you want something more exotic, try Queen of California


Broccoli, Romaine lettuce, Celery, Pear & Cucumber.

Other great fruit to use include mango, strawberries, kiwi fruit & turmeric as the immune booster.

Guest post: Jason Coote


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