Top 5 Places for Health & Fitness in West Palm Beach

Marlene Rice

Top 5 Places for Health & Fitness in West Palm Beach

A prominent city and the Palm Beach County's administrative seat, West Palm Beach is a fairly populated area in Florida in the United States. It’s situated to the west of Palm Beach, which sits upon a barrier in the Lake Worth Lagoon.

The old municipality has a population of about 6.2 million people, according to a statistical survey undertaken in 2017. It was included in the south Florida zone in 1894, two years before the globally famous city of Miami.

The Floridian metropolis has numerous scenic attractions for those seeking excellent urban dwellings. Briefly highlighted below are some top 5 places for health and fitness in West Palm Beach.


Wellington is sometimes described as a little piece of heaven for horse-riding fanatics. With more 56 equine-sporting trails and other related facilities, this apparently exaggerated description seems far from far-fetched.

These numerous equestrian trails are also used for sundry other fitness-improving ventures such as inline skating, walking, biking, and running. And so this is the place to be for anyone aiming to lead a more active, healthier lifestyle.

You also have Palm Beach Polo close by – hosting grand polo contests that lure in thousands of high-flying celebrities and ordinary folks alike. Gyms and spas and numberless other great fitness-enhancing choices exist there, too.

Jensen Beach

Jensen Beach is a quaint portion of fun that's almost literally perched on the very Atlantic waters. It’s a rather sweetly small-townish locale for healthy. It’s a perfect place where you can take it easy and relax, at last.

Though only few blocks that kiss the actual magical coastline, its immense natural marvels way exceed those of even larger and more peopled cities elsewhere. Jensen Beach hosts great fitness enhancements such as oxygen bars, countless gymnastic houses, equine-gaming trails, plus many others.

There's also a great biker's bar situated a few miles from the town’s small cottages where artists often sit to sell their creative wares. Thursday nights bring in lots dancing festivals where you may shake away those excess pounds at an absolutely zero cost.

Herbalife distributors also operate within this famously picturesque piece of paradise. Simply link up with them for tiptop protein shakes for a genuinely quicker, hassle-free weight loss experience.

Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park is among West Palm Beach's finest neighborhoods for those hunting for better health and fitness. It’s a few minutes away from Rosemary Square's extraordinary dining and shopping experiences.

A brief drive or even slow bike ride to the Atlantic water front itself, it's home to the world’s most gorgeous architectural wonders. You’ll lead a perfectly happy existence within this unrivalled natural magic replete with countless fitness opportunities.

There are hundreds of outdoor gyms for those yearning for a shipshape athletic figure. If your main goal is to shed excess pounds, you’re literally spoilt for choice – with thousands of weight loss activities such as biking, jogging, sporting chances like tennis and basketball.

Grand View Heights

Grand View has been severally called the very heart of West Palm Beach, being the finest and the busiest of the old municipality's thirteen districts. It was established between 1910 and 1925, and it’s particularly popular among many young professionals of the county.

Grand View Heights’ walkable surrounds comprise many single-family residences that feature ultra-modern townhomes. It’s known for its historical architectural designs and countless other accommodation options. Churches and olden heritage sites that preserve breathtaking construction ideas of yore are found here as well

Besides providing exhaustless walking and biking opportunities, the fine quarters avail a variety of great fitness-boosting opportunities at the same time. Howard Park, for instance, features an expansive community park, well-kitted sports ground, a dog park and several other recreational centers.

It has hundreds of outdoor gyms, fitness clubs and studios for those looking for new weight loss opportunities. It’s one of the most recommendable spots for enhanced health and fitness.

Lake Worth Beach

Named after the Lake Worth Lagoon, Lake Worth Beach is one of the most affordable settlements in the United States. The middle-class real estate market there means there are pocket-friendly options for buyers to acquire prime property within this beach-view haven.

Lake Worth Beach has one of the best libraries in the world, founded by a group of book-loving women back in 1912. And it's thus a great destination if you intend to get fitter as you peruse some thrilling folio on whatever juicy subjects you like.

Swimming, biking, walking, jogging, gyming, and surfing are some of the top fitness-improving activities you can savor in this beachy neighborhood…wherein every essential thing lies well within your understandably modest means.

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Marlene Rice is the founder of Palm Beach Coach. When she’s not serving her clients, she loves to travel. She calls West Palm Beach, Florida her home.

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